The AsReader team are pleased to have joined Impinj, for SAP Hybris LIVE: Global Summit in Barcelona, Spain to present an optimal technology solution over the next few days (Oct 17-19, 2017).


See how the Impinj’s platform connects items & collects insights, as well as our RAIN RFID / 2D COMBO readers working collaboratively on SAP’s impressive platform.

Unofficially dubbed ‘The COMBO‘, this impressive device weighs a mere 98g, with dimensions that equate to: Width: 64.0 Depth: 16.8 Height: 117.3 (mm). The product’s ‘nick-name’ not only refers to the combination of powerful technologies within it’s small structure but a tool that achieves in solving multiple in-store operations, such as:

  • Mobile POS
  • Mark-down
  • Inventory
  • Item locator
  • Coupon scanning
  • Customer service check


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