Some of Touch Technologies' proud business partners. All of which that have common goals of delivering value, and results for customers.
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Visma makes businesses more efficient by integrating and automating admin and business processes.

When optimizing for efficiency, the goal posts are constantly moved. There will always be parts of an operation that can be performed more efficiently – or automated altogether. And working in a highly innovative field, what is best practice today may well be outdated tomorrow.


The Jigsaw24 brand represents 25 years’ experience in the creative industry and is having an increasing impact in enterprise. Serving more than 25,000 enlightened customers, including large businesses, creative professionals, media companies and education, our incredible team have gained the highest customer satisfaction levels and more accreditation's than you can shake an iPad at.


As the world’s largest UHF RFID partner, Avery Dennison RFID brings advanced efficiency, reliability, and accuracy to our customers’ global supply chains with our industry-leading solutions and technologies.


BT's services, skills, industry knowledge and global presence will help you produce a great performance and stunning results from your networked IT.

BT & TOUCH have strong ties, working collaboratively on projects and events. Notably 'RFID ZONE' , jointly endorsing quality customer experience through optimal, forward-thinking digital solutions. Touch is proud to support BT's 'Alexander Black' concept store, demonstrates the “digital possible” to retailers.

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IBM is a global cloud platform and cognitive solutions company, which has continually evolved over the past century to remain at the forefront of technological innovation. Our capabilities in data and analytics, cloud, mobile, social and security have helped the UK evolve to become one of the world’s most digitally advanced nations. This digital revolution empowers us and our clients to gather and analyse data in ways that have never been possible before—helping UK organisations unlock new insights and usher in a new era of cognitive business.


As the leading full-service RFID solution provider, SML is a trusted partner to the world’s largest Retailers, delivering proven results and rapid ROI for all their customers.

SML-RFID is pushing the Retail apparel industries into the future. SML-RFID systems help retailers reduce shrink, maximize supply chain efficiency, reduce overall costs, improve inventory tracking, implement omni-channel and provide an enhanced customer experience. Clarity™ is SML's Retail RFID software system, a high-definition enterprise solution, that has helped many businesses serve their customers by ensuring unprecedented levels of retail inventory efficiency and inventory accuracy, while eliminating out-of-stocks.


CMI provides technically advanced indoor and outdoor wireless networking solutions, RFID, RTLS and network security. Through our strategic partnerships, we provide world leading solutions and award winning products that are delivered to you in a variety of packages dependent upon your organisation’s needs and requirements.

CMI and Touch have strong ties to each other and have enjoyed designing and implementing several solutions in partnership with each other, together we work to understand our client’s goals and to make sure that the solution provided is designed and delivered to not only manage the immediate requirement but be future proof ready for your long term plans and growth.


A global company with solutions that are being used worldwide in over 25,000 locations, ECS Global Inc representation across the Americas, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia and Australasia. ECS enables It's clients to provide the ability to consistently communicate any message in any language to a wide audience using a variety of platforms, whether that be digital signage, product labeling, handheld terminals, advertising or shelf edge labeling.

Retailers all over the globe benefit from ECS's Enterprise Communication Suite™ for Retail. This quality software based solution enables Retailers to meet the needs of multiple stakeholders within the organization, including trading, operations, merchandising and compliance.


CXignited integrates Touch's readers into its ShopCX in-store system, to enhanced business applications such as “Search & Pick” or “recommendations” for Sales Associates, using Smartphones, IPod or tablets. The nice design of the readers answer perfectly to CXignited requirement to provide the best customer experience as well as an efficient tool for Customer facing operations in Retail.

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Touch and Tlantic are currently working on a number of projects primarily within the retail convenience space. With the integration of Tlantic’s feature rich and beautifully designed convenience retail in-store software and our premium and compact hardware, we’re proud to provide a truly modern solution.

Tlantic are specialists in processes and technologies in "store environment". Tlantic's main goal is to raise efficiency, ensuring the service level.

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Tyco, a global market leader, delivers value-added integrated, fire, security and store performance solutions. Tyco deliver solutions across 80% of the world’s top 200 retailers ranging from single-store boutiques to global retail enterprises.

Tyco Retail Solutions Inventory Intelligence can significantly drive improvements, up to 99% in many cases, across inventory accuracy.


IoTechnics are a hardware and software design house with expertise in developing embedded devices and cloud connectivity using mesh networking technology.

We are a highly experienced team that understand, both the technical and business aspects of a full IoT solution, from collecting data at the edge, right through to the cloud backend.


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