A technology company, with a human touch.

Touch Technologies provide premium RFID and Barcode products, solutions & consultancy.

Touch Technologies is an innovator and will work with you to achieve your short to medium term goals as well as inspire you and your customers to deliver a long-term road-map to support your growth.


Less about us. More about you.

As a business we are fully aware it is not ‘one size fits all’ and with our broad range of products we can help guide you in choosing the product that fits your specific setup best, It’s less about us, more about you. With an outstanding customer service ethos to back it up. Our vision is to be recognised by our customers as their partner of choice by offering a solution that outperforms it’s competitors and satisfies our partners customers requirements.

Touch Technologies partners with innovative businesses to compliemnt our own products, delivering a premium solution to you. One of our long standing partners is BT, in a partnership that spans 20 years, Touch Technologies values the partnership immensely.