Touch Technologies were pleased to make it to 2017’s Annual Pharmacy Show, in Birmingham, on the 9th of October 2017, and attend the NHS Digital ‘Technology Theatre’ key-note.

Presenting at the Technology Theatre was H I Weldrick Ltd professional, Paul Chatterton, who has been with the Pharmacy for 14 years. With his forward-thinking disposition, interest in innovative technology, and care for Weldricks staff and customers alike, it has been a real pleasure to work with Paul in developing a solution.


Integrating of technology into Community Pharmacy brings many challenges.  Change is never easy, but if Community Pharmacy is to survive, it must discover new ways of working and approaching problems.  Mobile technology frees many organisations, including the Pharmacy sector, from traditional dispensing models, makes systems safer and allows us to offer advanced services to patients.

By embracing mobile technology, Community Pharmacy can grow, work smarter, and develop a better understanding of their customers’ needs and create a more organised, streamlined operations work-flow for staff members.


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