AsReader devices are now pre-integrated into TrueVUE ™ (in-store data management platform by Tyco Retail Solutions.) We are pleased to report that the AsReader range of data capture devices are now integrated, and fully support partner Tyco’s premium software suite: TrueVUE. A system that maximizes businesses in-store operations, we look forward to continuing to assist Retailers with this impressive joint solution. This is a great evolution for the whole AsReader product range, and the in-store management applications that go with it.

President of Asterisk, Inc., Noriyuki Suzuki, officially announced the news: “One of the many innovative products by Asterisk, into Tyco Retail Solutions’ TrueVUE ™, which is becoming the global de facto standard in-store management systems.” TrueVUE ™ is a cloud-based platform that uses an RFID system to collect dynamic data such as real-time inventory movements, and buyer traffic in stores and distribution sites.

A retail business solution, TrueVUE ™ is deployed on a global scale, and makes it possible to analyse, predict, and visualize inventory dynamics with high accuracy, based on collected data. AsReader products can now be utilized as data collection hardware, for the TrueVUE ™ platform.

Highly regarded worldwide for unique design and innovation in the AIDC space; AsReader’s varied product line-up includes:

SLIM-TYPE: Turning a mobile device, such as an iPhone/iPod touch into a professional grade barcode reader and/or RFID reader.
COMBO-TYPE: Similar to the latter in that it’s a compact form-factor yet boasts a combination of technologies.
GUN-TYPE: Readers that are able to read tags from up to 10m (32ft) away for long-range uses.
FIXED-TYPE: Stationary readers with built-in support for HID, just by connecting to an Android, Mac, or Windows PC via USB, the detached-antenna type RFID reader for shipment inspections, and the fixed RFID reader that improves automatic-checkout registers.

‘A Proud Partner and an impressive joint offering to Retailers globally’
Tyco Retail Solutions is a division of Johnson Controls, a global technology company that provides services in more than 150 countries. Tyco is an information services company that provides retail business analysis for loss prevention, inventory information, and more. Tyco solutions include visualization of real-time inventory dynamics and predictive analysis functions.
The TrueVUE Retail Platform is regarded as highly beneficial by users because it effectively manages store operations by using data it has collected through the POS system, mobile devices, buyer traffic patterns, and fixed readers at the entrance/exit of storefronts.

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