RFID, Barcode, NFC mobile readers with unique capabilities, that enable you to DO MORE. 

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Why our Mobile Readers?  Here’s why.

For organisations who require a dedicated inventory and asset tracking tool for their iOS estate, Touch’ offers a range of multi-functional devices that truly are, a store assistant’s best friend.

Touch Technologies ensures an improved unified commerce solution and RFID technology, guarantees ‘out of stocks’ (OOS).

Unlike Touch’s competition, we offer smart products with full MFi approval and require no Bluetooth for pairing, saving valuable battery-life, creating increased user-confidence and expanding a single tool’s use of IoT capabilities.

We supply free SDK’s for Touch’s whole product range, to integrate with all existing software applications.




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Go green, and save big with Enviro Monitoring.

A highly advanced Enviromental Monitoring solution that gives you full visibility, anywhere, anyplace, anytime.

Simply place the  sensor in the desired location you wish to monitor, and it will send a real-time second-by-second report.

Our Enviro Monitoring solution works on WiFi OR Bluetooth where all of the data is backed up to a smart cloud portal, tailored to your personal liking, in which you can create as many secure user ‘log-in’s’ as you please.

For those that are constantly on the move, a mobile App is available for iOS & Android.

Some of our clients experienced up to 85% wastage until our solution was implemented! Others were paying huge amounts under service contracts for fridges and now that they have real data, they can reduce this dramatically.

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